Anaweza, Bwana/You Are Able (Swahili)

I first heard this catchy little Swahili song in the video below, which was recorded at my previous church. I am ashamed to admit that I know little about it except that it is sung in Swahili, a language spoken throughout East Africa. However, I was able to get my hands on the Swahili lyrics and a literal translation; from that, I created the translation and harmonization above. The beauty of songs like this is their simplicity. The lyrics are not deep and the music is not sophisticated–but it is heartfelt. It also leaves lots of room for a good leader to create new verses that fit the moment. (“We are listening,” “We will follow,” etc)

Anaweza, Anaweza, Anaweza, Bwana.
Anaweza, Anaweza Bwana.

1. You are able, O Lord.
2. For you love, O Lord.
3. You have saved us, O Lord.
4. We will praise you, O Lord.
5. Hallelujah, O Lord.

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