Waltz for Ed

In recent months, I’ve had weekly bass gigs playing jazz at a local restaurant. Getting back into the swing (!) of playing jazz standards has inevitably led me to write a new tune for our group to play. Indeed, this is a recording of us playing it for the first time last night. You can hear by the room noise that the restaurant patrons were completely unaware that they were hearing a world premiere!

Why “Waltz for Ed?” you may ask. Our trio’s pianist, Ed Dublis, frequently calls the Bill Evans’ tune “Waltz for Debby.” So frequently, in fact, that I started thinking to myself, “This guy needs to learn another waltz!” My tune is a sprightly homage to “Waltz for Debby,” which is utterly beautiful. You can hear the original below. I aspire to play like Chuck Israels someday.

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