Glory and Honour (with Graham Kendrick)

Update 11/4/21: Sheet music for this song can now be downloaded at

A few years ago, I met Graham Kendrick at a CICW event. After living through the March for Jesus and Promise Keepers eras, it was delightful to spend a few hours with the man behind the music and find him to be a humble, thoughtful person.

It was also enlightening to pick his brain about the latest leg of his musical journey. Graham Kendrick ruled contemporary worship music back in the 90s. You couldn’t go to church without hearing songs like “Shine, Jesus, Shine” or “Knowing You.” I’m always interested to hear about artists’ lives after the dust of their early success has settled. It turns out that Graham is still leading worship and writing songs, and has also become a mentor and teacher to many of today’s worship leaders.

A few weeks after meeting him, I thought, “I’d like to write some music with this guy.” He graciously accepted my offer and we got to work on a song that became “Glory and Honour.” After a few years of Skype calls, long breaks (we’re both far too busy), and a recording lost in a computer crash, I’m pleased to present Graham and Greg’s “Glory and Honour.”

1. Eternal God,
we give you praise.
Creator of all things,
Ancient of Days,
your Word is sure,
your truth unchanged;
from long before the world began
or the first angel sang:

Glory and honour,
Glory and honour,
Glory and honour
To the great I Great I AM.
Glory and honour,
now and forever.
Glory and honour
To the Great I AM.

2. Almighty Lord,
whose word of power
sustains the universe–
each star, each flower;
who from the dust
formed human life
and breathed eternity within
each newborn baby’s cry. (Refrain)

3. Redeemer King,
how can it be
the Giver of all life
should die for me?
Astounding love, amazing grace!
And now our ransomed souls will sing
through everlasting days: (Refrain)

Words and music by Graham Kendrick and Greg Scheer © 2018 Make Way Music (, Admin North and South America and Greg Scheer Music (

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2 Responses to Glory and Honour (with Graham Kendrick)

  1. Nancy Scheer says:

    I like the words! How do I get to hear the music?

    • Greg Scheer says:

      Oh, Mom… Click the play button! It’s the triangle on the left end of the black bar at the top of the page.

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