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Nostalgic Recollections

Once again, Greg has been hooked by a call for recordings. This time, it looked like this: Heartfelt and nostalgic instrumentals: Music needed for film scene. Instrumental Classical or cinematic music tracks. The music should be heartfelt and nostalgic. The … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I received an email: Our client is looking to license a song for an upcoming TV commercial.  They need a song with lyrics that have the mention of “Home” in it, preferably where it’s resolving in the musical phrase … Continue reading

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I’m beginning to think I have OCD: Obsessive Compositional Disorder. I just can’t say no to a compositional challenge. Take this one that arrived in my email inbox Friday night: DEADLINE: ASAP TV series needs CHILDREN’S CHOIR religious and “early … Continue reading

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The First Song

As I’ve begun my journey into world of production music, I’ve thought through my existing composition catalog to see if there’s anything that could be re-tooled as commercial music beds or movie scenes. So when I saw a call for … Continue reading

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The Rascal Flag/Ten Second Sunrise

When I lived in Pittsburgh I was part of a men’s organization called the Rascals, Rogues and Rapscallions. It was an awesome enclave of pseudo intellectualism and cigar smoking. I, of course, couldn’t help but write music for our meetings. … Continue reading

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Hanging Out My Shingle

For 20 years now I’ve been writing and recording music for special occasions, from classical music commissions to marches to theme songs. For 5 years I’ve been entering contests, from hymns to fight songs to remixes. I’ve won enough of … Continue reading

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TopGolf Theme Song Contest

Faithful followers of this music blog know that I love nothing more than a good song contest. I’m not sure if it’s the thrill of the chase, the fun of donning a completely different musical guise for each contest, or … Continue reading

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Chalk Music

My wife, Amy, works for Calvin College‘s interview program, InnerCompass, researching topics and preparing the hosts. A while back she convinced the producers of the show to interview Rob Bliss, mastermind behind such social experiments as Zombie walks and flying … Continue reading

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Hymnary Theme Music

I’ve been working on the for a few years now, and I decided it was about time that it had some theme music. Since it’s a database of all kinds of congregational songs, I thought it would be appropriate … Continue reading

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