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Psalm 4, the ridiculous outtake

Things get a little weird when you’re recording with two teenagers. (Okay, and with me.)

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My One and Only Valentine

What would Valentine’s Day be without songs of loneliness, delusion, and self-love? Won’t you be my Valentine? I’m so lonely all the time. You’re not perfect, but neither am I. Won’t you be my Valentine? You’re a man, but I … Continue reading

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Liar, Liar

My first draft of Psalm 12 was, ummm, not quite as subtle as the finished product. I saw that the Psalm was an attack on liars; I took the most direct musical route…

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Happy Trevonian New Year!

Trevonia was invented many years ago by my friends, Ron and Deb Rienstra (with some help from the Keeleys?) when their children were small. They wanted the kids to enjoy the change of year but didn’t want to keep them up … Continue reading

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Die Alone

If you follow this blog you know I have a tradition of writing depressing birthday songs. And depressing Christmas songs. Come to think of it, I write all sorts of depressing songs. Since I turned 50 this week, I thought … Continue reading

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The Strangest Rendition of “One Generation.” Ever.

I don’t want to contribute negatively to anyone’s body image, but this guy has really teeny arms…

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Banana Hook

The other day I was shopping for some kitchen stuff when I came across a banana hook. These things are awesome, because they let you hang your bananas to ripen like they do in their natural habitat, resulting in perfect, … Continue reading

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Wendell Kimbrough promo

My friend Wendell Kimbrough asked me to do a promotional video for his Kickstarter campaign. I had a little too much fun with it, as you can see from this YouTube video. I’m pleased to report that his fundraising campaign was … Continue reading

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I Grew a Beard

The boys had a snow day today, so when this catchy little tune about growing beards popped into my head, I knew I had to enlist them in making a video. Yes, it is ridiculous. Yes, a good time was … Continue reading

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Here’s what happens on a Friday morning when I’ve been trying to load Kontakt all week long, and I open up a new Logic Pro file to verify my failure, and am then led astray by the ear candy of … Continue reading

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